Director’s Brief: A Busy Week

by Karen Azenberg Hi, everyone! So sorry I missed last week. You’d think that since my mainstage directing duties are done for the season, I’d have time to remember things like my blog—but, alas, no. Last week was tech, and opening night, for Twelfth Night. On top of that, we had a flurry of last-minute … Continued

Guest Notes: From Ginger Rogers to “Twelfth Night”

An interview with Richard E. Waits Firstly, thank you for this interview! Secondly, please locate your mother’s vacuum cleaner, because I’m going to name drop! Q: So… it’s impossible to ignore the first line of your biography in our playbill—you danced with Ginger Rogers? At the start of your career? How does that come about, … Continued

Director’s Brief: Concerts—The Biggest Adrenaline Rush

by Karen Azenberg It is, possibly, an act of madness to direct one of our concerts. No, really. I’m trying to accomplish in 12 days what we usually do in 27. So, less than half the time but still the same amount of show. True, the actors don’t have to memorize their lines—but they still … Continued

Director’s Brief: Lin, the Bard, and Next Season…

by Karen Azenberg This week, you get random observations from the desk of the Artistic Director… Just in case you were worried, despite the weather on the East Coast, everyone made it to PTC for the first day of rehearsal for In the Heights and Twelfth Night. I find it striking that in one rehearsal … Continued

My name is Abby Chase. I’m a high school senior…

Playwright Jeff Talbott shared with us an email he received. With the young student’s permission, we’ve reposted it here: My name is Abby Chase. I’m a high school senior who just loves theater. I went and saw Jeff Talbott’s “/i/” tonight, and it was absolutely the best play I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. … Continued

Director’s Brief: The Rumble Down the Tunnel

by Karen Azenberg Late at night in New York City, you can stand on the subway platform and wait for the train and it is silent. Well, maybe not silent—there’s the drip–drip–drip of water onto the subway track; the scurrying of the ever-present NYC subway rats; the occasional, rhythmic, echoing footsteps of another person waiting … Continued

Director’s Brief: Fun Facts and Not-So-Quiet Weeks

by Karen Azenberg Fun Facts: In 47 days, I’ll go to New York to do our first round of auditions for the 2018–2019 season. (Interesting, because we only finished casting the ‘17–’18 season on Wednesday!) This season we cast 116 actors. And that excludes Bright Star and the Play-By-Play readings. 116 represents Equity and Non-Equity actors, … Continued

Discovering that Happy Moment

by Lansia Wann Most of you don’t know me personally. I tend to keep my feelings to myself and I am fairly private about my life. I rather talk about how you are doing rather than let my emotional baggage lay its head on your shoulders. You, reading this blog, may actually have more insight … Continued

Director’s Brief: Opening Night of /i/!

by Karen Azenberg Happy Opening Night! It’s been a crazy week, but I want to give a big shout out to the cast and design staff of i. What amazing work they’ve done and, of course, playwright Jeff Talbott has done—a genius. I hope you’re all planning on seeing this play. You will not be … Continued