The World of “Newsies”

  I am sitting at my desk surrounded by the pieces from the model set of Newsies….. Little people and scenic pieces galore. It reminds me of the dollhouses of my youth. Our genius resident scenic designer George Maxwell has created a wonderful world for our Newsies, and while I don’t want to give it away … Continued

Director’s Brief

by Karen Azenberg, artistic director Tonight begins the first of our new-play readings for this season with Perpetual Girl—a modern fairy tale about the most taboo thing a woman can do in Hollywood: age This is our fifth season of Play-By-Play—hard to believe that! I’m so proud of the success and the growth of this … Continued

A Real Peak at Rehearsal

by Lansia Wann It’s the evening. I’m at home. My fingers are on the keyboard. Ready. Um, let’s see… So. So. So… So! Why don’t I tell you what a true rehearsal scene looks like? I’m happy to report that I was able to sit in on a bit of rehearsal today and can now … Continued

(Perpetual) Girl Power

by Lansia Wann Ladies all across the world. Listen up. We’re looking for recruits. Did you know that women account for the majority of the movie-going public (52 percent) and the theatre-going audience (67 percent)? Yet, they only represented 4 percent of directors, 11 percent of writers, and 19 percent of producers in the top … Continued

The Inner-Workings of “Perpetual Girl”

by Lansia Wann Today is day two of rehearsals and things are coming along pretty well I hear! Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors at rehearsal? Well, local actress Anne Brings, who plays Belle, spoke with me a little about the first day of rehearsals for Perpetual Girl and already, I sense there’s … Continued

Director Julie Kramer Gives Me a Play-by-Play of PTC’s Play-by-Play Series

by Lansia Wann Play-by-Plays! Never heard of them, you say? Well, neither had I, to be honest, but after speaking with the director of PTC’s first Play-by-Play of the season, Julie Kramer, I was completely intrigued. Perpetual Girl is Julie Kramer’s fourth project for Pioneer Theatre Company’s Play-by-Play series. She’s a veteran—of both the program and … Continued

Director’s Brief

Karen Azenberg It was a very busy week in New York! Newsies auditions. We saw about 250 actors over four days of auditions. Some truly incredible talent. I also had an exciting meeting with the design team for “i.” I think this will be a visually stunning and surprising production. I promise to share the … Continued

Guest Notes: Tom O’Keefe

DARK DAYS I’m starting to reconsider the title of this guest blog. It sounds like maybe this blog will be a sample of my failed stabs at poetry. Such as a particularly somber one written during a cold and bitter New York winter when I was alone and reconsidering some life choices . . . … Continued

The Curious Way – Opening Night Blog

by Lansia Wann, PTC’s Opening Night Blogger If you haven’t heard of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” allow me to give you a bit of insight. In other words, allow me to stand on my soapbox for a minute to shout out a few of its accolades… It is the 2015 … Continued