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Long-time Pioneer Theatre Company artistic director, Charles Morey, premiered Laughing Stock in 2001. Although 2001 doesn’t seem that long ago to me, ten years certainly does… Wait. Let me start again.

Long-time Pioneer Theatre Company artistic director, Charles Morey, premiered Laughing Stock over ten years ago. Despite the extended shelf life, this timeless comedy easily prevails any day and age. After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Laughing Stock is a laugh-out-loud play that chronicles a summer season of theatre.  Although the play isn’t true to life from any one particular event or any one character, it seems to be a culmination of Morey’s personal experiences.

“The characters are mostly composites, fragments of personalities fit together into one character. None of the events in the play ever really happened. Some elements of events are drawn from reality and exaggerated into a comedic shape.”

The title, Laughing Stock, plays on the natural meaning of the phrase and on the shoptalk theatre term summer stock. So what better question to ask the cast and crew but for them to tell us their best personal laughing stock moment?

Jeffrey Stewart Williams / production stage manager (pictured with Cheryl Gaysunas / sarah mckay)

“As the curtain came down, the bat came down with it and stopped right in front of an intern’s face…”

Jeff Williams and Cheryl Gaysunas

Jack Koenig / gordon page

“All of a sudden, one of the apprentices, who was running the light board, she turned the lights off, like, two lines too early…”

Jack Koenig

Anderson Matthews / richfield hawksley

“Finally, a technician had to come out with a ladder…”

Anderson Matthews

Craig Bockhorn / craig conlin

“He’d say, ‘I could tell you stories that would make the piss dribble down your leg…’”

Craig Bockhorn

David Christopher Wells / tyler taylor

“The highlight was probably having both Skittles and pennies thrown at you while you are trying to play Romeo…”

David Wells

Charles Morey / playwright and director

“I danced the cigar in the black around the stage…”

Kymberly Mellen / susannah huntsmen

“I have about 24 bars of music where I have to go into the audience, and I have to pick some man out of the audience, get them to come up on stage, sit down in a chair and do like…the gold rush version of a lap dance with them…”

Cary Donaldson / jack morris

“And the director decided that since the play was set in Italy, there was going to be oranges all over the stage…”

Cary Donaldson

Lesley Shires / mary pierre

“The director… came in the first day and said, ‘I actually do not like this play’…”

Lesley Shires

Andy Rindlisbach / braun oakes

“I started to choke because I breathed something in and I didn’t know what it was… but I waited for the lights to go out and swallowed and ran off stage… and I felt something in the back of my throat and I reached into my mouth…”

Andy Rindlisbach

Discover the bubble at the Pioneer Theatre Company. Go see Laughing Stock – March 23 to April 7, 2012.

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