Life of Will Rogers — Timeline

Life of Will Rogers — Timeline 1879: Born on November 4, the youngest of eight siblings, at the Dog Iron Ranch in Indian Territory, near present day Oologah, Oklahoma to Clement Van Rogers and Mary America Schrimsher. 1898-1902: Works in Texas as a cowboy, then as a gaucho in Argentina. 1902: Joins Texas Jack’s Wild … Continued

Becoming a “Trick Roper”   If you look at the cast list, you’ll see the name AJ Silver, who’s identified as the “Trick Roper/Whip Specialist.”  You know if Trick Roper is a cast member, you’re going to be watching some action on stage. AJ shares the stage with the cast in performing some of the more complicated rope … Continued

Lutken and Whitehead on Will Rogers Follies

  by Madeleine Rex, Publicity Manager Costumes, talent, humor, music and rope tricks all set the stage for a raucous evening! eBackstage has enjoyed watching David M. Lutken (Will Rogers) and Chryssie Whitehead (Ziegfeld’s Favorite) on the set of The Will Rogers Follies. Some of the funniest parts of the show are their banter between the … Continued

In the Event of the Queen’s Death…

By Dramaturg Isabelle Smith-Bernstein In the Event of the Queen’s Death Queen Elizabeth II has been the center of world events for five generations. It is difficult to imagine her passing. The Queen’s funeral has been planned down to the last second. Before the public can be alerted to her passing, several things must happen … Continued

Understanding “King Charles III”

Understanding King Charles III: United Kingdom and Separation of Powers We know that understanding a political system other than our own (and sometimes even our own) can be complicated, so here’s a little diagram to shed some light on a few of the terms you might come across in King Charles III. Just like the US, … Continued

Interview with cast of Women in Jeopardy!

We took a few minutes from rehearsal to check in with the women of WIJ and learn a little bit about what career path has led them to our stage. What was your first professional job as an actor? Elizabeth Meadows Rouse: Dallas Shakespeare Festival; I played a fairy, a prostitute and a corpse. I made … Continued

Wendy Mac Leod—Playwright

By Wendy Mac Leod, playwright of “Women in Jeopardy!”  Is it possible to write a balls-out comedy about three middle-aged women? When we see a female character in the movies, she is statistically likely to fall between the ages of sixteen and thirty-five and the story is usually a marriage plot—a young woman tries to … Continued

Building Family Fences

PTC Blogger Lansia Wann Now, I don’t often get very political. However, in what I feel may be a very tumultuous time of divide in our country, I find television, film, music, theatre, and all other sorts of creative outlets a personal comfort. August Wilson was a playwright who sought to put African-American experiences in … Continued

“Sameness” vs. Difference: Chronicling Black Life

by Dramaturg Martine Kei Green-Rogers August Wilson used the work he created and his voice in the theatre to speak to Black experiences, and to advocate for talented Black artists by insisting that artists of color were used to create productions of his work. For example, his 1996 speech “The Ground on Which I Stand” … Continued