Opening Night Blog: Once Upon a Time

Our intrepid Opening Night blogger Lansia Wann wanders into the cast party after each opening with some weighty thoughts, enlisting the cast and staff’s input. Here’s the ONCE edition. Once Upon a Time… It’s impossible not to think back on previous jobs when you’re trying to find one in the present. Tell me I’m wrong, … Continued

PTC Announces New Managing Director

Pioneer Theatre Company has just announced the new managing director for the 56-year-old professional regional theatre. On July 1, 2019, Christopher Massimine will replace outgoing Managing Director Chris Lino who is retiring after 28 years.  For more information, visit our Press Room.

Director’s Brief: The Future of PTC

Keep your eyes peeled for breaking news at PTC next week! Maybe it’s news about our 2019–2020 season—not that I could tell you anything now. (But if you can guess what show got the most votes on our season survey, you’d be right in thinking it’ll be on our season next year.) Or, maybe, Monday … Continued

Director’s Brief: “Once” – a quadruple threat onstage

  Happy Opening Night to the cast of Once! This quadruple-threat cast, who have sang and danced and acted and played their way through the tech process, has found its stride. They are killing it onstage. I cannot overstate how difficult it is to put together a show in which the actors are also their … Continued

Thank you, Pioneer Theatre Company staff

I want to salute the staff of Pioneer Theatre Company this week. In the days before tech, every hour is at a premium. That was definitely the case this week, as we were getting ready for tech for Once. But then we woke up Wednesday morning to all that snow. The production staff was supposed … Continued

Director’s Brief: Back from New York…

I write this at 30,000 feet—returning from a busy week in New York where the temperatures were frigid! I saw four shows: Prom, Choir Boy, Network and King Kong. Four very different kinds of show; two musicals, one play with music and one play. Network and King Kong take advantage of some amazing theatrical technology. Video and … Continued

Director’s Brief: We recycle.

This is what our recycling looks like when we are working on a new play reading….. Hope you are joining us tonight and tomorrow at the UMFA Dumke auditorium for our second Play by Play reading, “The Fifth Domain.”  

Interview with Phillip R. Lowe, Costume Designer for “The Lion in Winter”

Vreni Romang, PTC’s Publicity Manager, sat down with Phillip R. Lowe – PTC’s Resident Costume Designer and designer for The Lion in Winter. Vreni Romang, PTC: What was the design process for The Lion in Winter?   Phillip R. Lowe, Costume Designer: Our initial production meeting with Wes [Grantom, the director] and the other designers was … Continued