Staff Directory

PTC Staff & Department Directory

Name, e-mail and title:Direct Line
Karen Azenberg Artistic Director801-581-4251
Chris Massimine Managing Director801-581-6357
Do’nel Ault Costume Rental Coordinator801-585-5851
Matt Bennett Asst. Business Manager/Concessions Mgr.801-581-7118
Amanda Bowen Company Manager801-581-6222
Heidi Bruce Patron Services Manager801-581-7517
Mary Costello Production Stage Manager801-585-5632
Becky Lynn Dawson Stage Manager801-585-5632
Wigs & Hair Design 801-581-3232
Jonathan Llenares Business Manager801-585-9472
Phil Lowe Costume Shop Manager 801-581-6755
John Masek Master Electrician801-585-7059
George Maxwell Resident Set Designer-Emeritus801-581-7388
Laura Walters Props Master801-581-8772
Barbara Nelson Props Artisan801-587-7708
Diane Parisi Development Director801-581-6960
Kirsten Park Director of Marketing 801-581-6270
Nikki Baum Assistant Patron Services/House Mgr.801-581-6961
Vreni Romang Publicity Mgr./Telemarketing Mgr.801-581-7222
Reed Rossbach Production Manager801-585-5871
Allan Branson Resident Sound Designer801-585-5856
Annual Giving Director801-585-3196