Director’s Brief: Rehearse•Cast•Give•Audition

Director’s Brief: Rehearse•Cast•Give•Audition

Hi, everyone! This week has been hectic and packed with events, in the way that we love to experience life at Simmons PMT. The cast of The Lion in Winter arrived and we want you to get to know them so we slipped into the Cathedral of the Madeleine for a very special  photoshoot – … Continued

Director’s Brief: Visiting NYC during the Holidays

New York was bustling—there is an “I’m living in a holiday movie”-thing that happens in New York in December. The decorations, the crowds, the cold! It’s a special time. I got to visit with some of our wonderful Sweeney Todd cast members. I saw an eclectic mix of theatre, and particularly enjoyed The Lifespan of … Continued

Director’s Brief: “Winter Wishes” from PTC

Happy Holidays! The holiday season officially begins here the week after Thanksgiving, when our third show of the season opens. Traditionally, it’s a holiday-themed or family-friendly, upbeat title we hope appeals to everyone. This year, we visit Jane Austen’s England for a fun and heartwarming imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice. It’s called Miss Bennet: … Continued

Director’s Brief: The Pemberley cast gives thanks

It is a PTC tradition for the visiting cast to join me and my family for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a usually quite a feast with enough leftovers to carry us through tech rehearsals over the weekend. We open next Friday! I asked the cast of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley to write what their … Continued

Director’s Brief: Razors and Friends

Last weekend was our first Play by Play of this season. Did you miss it? Big mistake! It was a smashing success. Matthew Ivan Bennett’s smart and timely play Art & Class was a huge hit with our new play audience – post show conversations in the lobby lingered for quite a while, reinforcing for … Continued

Director’s Brief: “Scenes” from New York

A few photos from New York! I am here doing auditions for Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley and The Lion in Winter. I was joined for a few days by PTC Board Member Pat Hemingway and PTC Guild Member Cheryl Groot. They spent some time in auditions (then we did some shopping!) and saw Pretty … Continued

Director’s Brief: Sweeney Todd, Once and more

No sooner does Oslo open than preparation for Sweeney Todd begins. For those of you who are PTC veterans, you’ll know what I mean when I say, “The set is designed by George Maxwell.” (It’s going to be spectacular!) A brief visual preview is attached here. These are photos of the model—and of a couple … Continued

Director’s Brief: Norwegian waffles…

Happy New Year! The Jewish New Year begins this weekend—and I’d like to wish everyone a sweet and healthy New Year. In my family, this time of year means a trip to the orchards for fresh-picked apples and honey as a part of our New Year’s celebration. Family and tradition are foremost in my thoughts … Continued

Director’s Brief: “Oslo.” What an amazing play.

by Karen Azenberg We are two weeks into rehearsals for Oslo. What an amazing play. The cast is astonishing, and we’re working our way through the six languages and five dialects required in the play. (Don’t worry, you’ll understand everything.) It’s quite the challenge. There’ssomething like 40 scenes in the play, so we are constantly … Continued

Director’s Brief: Random Thoughts…

Random thoughts on a Friday… Can I say? Don’t ever take a vacation. It just comes back to bite you in the ass. Sorry, but it’s true. I took a delightful six days away. Hawaii, if you want to know. I personally stopped the volcano from erupting, saw a few sea turtles, ate a lot of pineapple, … Continued