Loge Gallery

Fine Arts for a Fine Audience

Each show at Pioneer Theatre Company brings new artists to Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre’s Loge Gallery, located on the Loge level of the theatre. Our gallery features local painters, sculptors and photographers chosen by George Maxwell, PTC’s Former Resident Scenic Designer and Loge Gallery curator, to complement the show taking place onstage. Sometimes a pair of artists –  even a seemingly odd group of artists – are brought together in a way that entertains our audiences.
Often the work shown in the Loge Gallery is available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the theatre. Visit the Loge Gallery during business hours, or before the show or at intermission, and experience some of Utah’s best fine artists.

COLOR SPEAKS featuring

Betta Inman • Joy Nunn • Joseph Peretto

Betta Inman:

My choice of still life as my primary subject is no accident.  I’m influenced by my love of nature and the natural things all around us.  I produce many floral,  fruit and vegetable themed works.  My style is a painterly, sometimes reminiscent of Paul Cezanne’s style of using dark lines to define shapes.  

“I love to paint in my studio,  from real life and from reference materials.  I believe it’s the translation that counts.  I want to use whats before me, but more importantly,  I ask myself what can I leave out?  It’s the leaving out that creates freshness and keeps it painterly.”

Joy Nunn:

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Theory from The George Washington University. Upon graduation she worked at The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where she researched, developed and conducted tours of the permanent collection for the Education Department, was assistant to Dr. Lestor Cooke, the Curator of Art Evaluations, and worked as an assistant to the former Director, J. Carter Brown. Her fine arts education began with classes taken through The University of Utah Office of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, and was supplemented by  many independent and UWS sponsored workshops.

Eleven years ago Joy founded Art at the Main, a Utah artists co-operative and art gallery located on the ground floor of the Main Library in downtown Salt Lake City.  She is currently one of its Directors and continues to be one of its artist members.

All types of water medium are her favorite means to express the impact of color and composition upon the images she creates. Although her paintings have a realistic basis and reflect favorite subjects including still-life, landscape and glimpses of everyday things and people that catch her eye, she continues to explore this medium in ways which will give her paintings intimacy, emotion and interest.

Joseph Peretto:

“I have enjoyed working with glass for over 30 years. As a child I was exposed to Cathedrals in South America and have always enjoyed the reflectivity of the colors from the stained-glass windows. When I was older I became very interested in the process of stained glass making, which I have learned through classes, reading material, and apprenticeships with several other artists.

“I have worked on many stained glass projects through the years. I enjoy the spectrum of colors when the light is shining through them and reflect on other surfaces.

“Over the last 6 years I have branched out, learning about fusing glass and controlling temperature, which is the essence of the work. Combining colors and the freedom of abstract concepts enhances the beauty of a glass piece.

“I love how glass gives me the freedom to express my views of colors and combinations. It is very exciting for me when I open the kiln and see what I have created. It could be anything from abstract design to landscapes.

“When I create a landscape on glass, I try to make the glass match my interpretation of nature. I also construct the frames for my glass pieces. I enjoy the welding process from the steel works for created the display stands. I love to combine glass and steel to create my work.”

On exhibit during the run of Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, Nov. 30 – Dec. 15, 2018

Media: Please call 801-581-7222 for high resolution copies of the photos above.