Director’s Brief: “The Lion in Winter” Stands Proudly while “Once” Creeps Forward

Interview with Phillip R. Lowe, Costume Designer for “The Lion in Winter”

Vreni Romang, PTC’s Publicity Manager, sat down with Phillip R. Lowe – PTC’s Resident Costume Designer and designer for The Lion in Winter. Vreni Romang, PTC: What was the design process for The Lion in Winter?   Phillip R. Lowe, Costume Designer: Our initial production meeting with Wes [Grantom, the director] and the other designers was … Continued

Director’s Brief: The Next Generation of Female Theatre Artists

The kindness of strangers… If you look carefully at the program for Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, you will note that there’s a new endowment established to support the advancement of female theatre artists here at PTC. That endowment was given to us by Robin M. Woods. In this first year, the funding is being … Continued

Director’s Brief: We Bid Adieu to “Sweeney”

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley has arrived! That is, the cast and director are all here, and the scenic and costume-building processes are underway.   It’s quite a different tone from our dark and bloody Sweeney Todd.   Rehearsals began Monday and the first read-through was a delight. This will be a wonderful holiday diversion … Continued

‘Post Script’ Mondays

November 5, 2018 You are invited to join us! “Post Script” After Show Events Introducing “Post Script,” after the second Monday of every production. This is your time to visit with some cast and crew of the current production, or even the playwright. Give the parking lot a little time to clear out while you … Continued

Director’s Brief: A Very Different Animal

Greetings from New York City! The weather is lovely, mild and perfect for walking—which I love to do when I’m here. Weaving between people and cars, handcarts and tourists, jaywalking (!), makes me feel my New York roots. I’m here in the auditions for Once—a very different animal from our usual musical audition week. Beyond … Continued

Dress Like a King

You don’t  have to be an actor to dress like a  

Opening Night Blog: SWEENEY TODD

Halloween Alter Egos by PTC blogger Lansia Wann Sweeney Todd fully falls into the spirit of Halloween. Walking into the theatre last Friday on opening night, I couldn’t remember, for the life of me, the plot of this play. I’m pretty sure I saw the movie with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but what … Continued

Director’s Brief: Another Op’nin’, Another Show

“♫ Another Op’nin’, Another Show” ~ Cole Porter It’s an oft-used phrase in theatre circles. But on this opening night—for Sweeney Todd—I would offer that it isn’t “another” in the sense of “one more in a long list of indistinguishable titles.” It’s another on a list of vastly diverse and differing experiences in the ’18–’19 … Continued