Building Family Fences

PTC Blogger Lansia Wann Now, I don’t often get very political. However, in what I feel may be a very tumultuous time of divide in our country, I find television, film, music, theatre, and all other sorts of creative outlets a personal comfort. August Wilson was a playwright who sought to put African-American experiences in … Continued

“Sameness” vs. Difference: Chronicling Black Life

by Dramaturg Martine Kei Green-Rogers August Wilson used the work he created and his voice in the theatre to speak to Black experiences, and to advocate for talented Black artists by insisting that artists of color were used to create productions of his work. For example, his 1996 speech “The Ground on Which I Stand” … Continued

Author August Wilson

August Wilson, original name Frederick August Kittel, (born April 27, 1945, Pittsburgh, Pa., U.S.—died Oct. 2, 2005, Seattle, Wash.), American playwright, author of a cycle of plays, each set in a different decade of the 20th century, about black American life. He won Pulitzer Prizes for Fences (1986) and The Piano Lesson (1990). Named for … Continued

Consider Yourself… A Victim of Fate?

By Lansia Wann, PTC’s Opening Night Blogger Growing up and pondering the many questions of life always made me wonder about fate and destiny. I’d say that I believe in fate, but not destiny. The difference being, for me at least, that fate was out of my hands. It’s hard for me to explain it … Continued

Finding Fagin

by Kirsten Park, Director of Marketing, with Bill Nolte, currently performing as Fagin in Oliver! Broadway veteran Bill Nolte is no stranger to Salt Lake City (he appeared in the touring production of The Producers) but debuts at Pioneer Theatre Company in the December production of Oliver! as the miserly and selfish leader of a band of pickpocketing orphans. Bill’s … Continued

PTC welcomes Boys and Girls Clubs

PTC is delighted to welcome 100 members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake to our holiday production of Oliver! Club kids will attend from across the Salt Lake valley including clubs in Murray, Glendale, and Tooele. As Utah’s premiere professional theatre, PTC recognizes the importance of engaging the next generation of … Continued

My Collection, My Heart

The Glass Menagerie I’ll be honest – I’ve never seen “The Glass Menagerie” before opening night at Pioneer Theatre. And I don’t know what to think… The book is wondrously written as Tennessee Williams always scripts so well. However, the ending is not what I expected. Now, I don’t want to ruin it so I … Continued

Hanley Smith: The Glass Menagerie’s “Laura”

eBackstage Newsletter had a chance to talk with HANLEY SMITH about her character in The Glass Menagerie, the painfully shy, withdrawn , daughter/sister, Laura. Ms. Smith is a New York-based actor, who is also a proud member of the folk trio, A Band Called Honalee, and the devised-theatre-based company, Sinking Ship Productions. A challenging role, we ask Ms. … Continued

Tennessee Williams: Inspired by Life

“All good art is an indiscretion.”—Tennessee Williams Born in Mississippi in 1911 as Thomas Lanier Williams, he adopted the name Tennessee after his father’s birthplace. Moving to New Orleans in 1939, Williams produced an amazing amount of work during his lifetime. He is best known for his plays and film adaptations, but he also wrote … Continued

Dramaturgical Notes on “The Last Ship”

Dramaturgical Notes By Alexandra Harbold Gerald Street. Birthplace of ‘Sting’ – October 2, 1951.  The photo was taken by Joe McCarty in the mid 1960’s. The street was demolished towards the end of that same decade. The Last Ship is set in Sting’s hometown of Wallsend in the north east of England, a town once … Continued