Dramaturgical Notes on “The Last Ship”

Dramaturgical Notes on “The Last Ship”

Dramaturgical Notes By Alexandra Harbold Gerald Street. Birthplace of ‘Sting’ – October 2, 1951.  The photo was taken by Joe McCarty in the mid 1960’s. The street was demolished towards the end of that same decade. The Last Ship is set in Sting’s hometown of Wallsend in the north east of England, a town once … Continued

An (ac)Count for History

An (ac)Count for History There’s no doubt. Salt Lake City is becoming a big balla’ player in this nation – world-class ski resorts, a MLS soccer team, a billion dollar downtown shopping mall, ranked in the top 20 for best public transportation systems, and as “The Count of Monte Cristo” ensemble member CHRISTOPHER RAMIREZ tells me, … Continued

Cowgirls Opening Night: Country or Classical?

[On March 25, 2016 we held the cast party for Cowgirls, at Mountain West Hard Cider, and our blogger, Lansia Wann spent some time with the cast…] Country or classical? This was never the segregating social factor when I was growing up in California. It was more between pop, rap, alternative, and other “cooler” genres of … Continued

Fasten Your Seatbelts…

    Deathtrap by Ira Levin holds the record for the longest-running “comedy-thriller” on Broadway. The comedy in the show is brilliant – matched only by the psychological tension in this superb thriller. Associate Dramaturg, Elizabeth Ferguson, tells us a little bit about the thriller genre. What makes a good thriller? Is it the unexpected … Continued

“Youth is full of sport…”

For each show in our season, PTC offers an opportunity to youth in schools throughout the valley to see professional theatre at an affordable price. There is always a talkback with the cast and those students who choose to stay afterward. Attending: Marcella Pereda, Ashley Wickett, Mia Bagley, Zoe Heiden, Brigham Inkley, Rebecca Watson, Colleen … Continued