Director’s Brief: Opening Night of /i/!

by Karen Azenberg Happy Opening Night! It’s been a crazy week, but I want to give a big shout out to the cast and design staff of i. What amazing work they’ve done and, of course, playwright Jeff Talbott has done—a genius. I hope you’re all planning on seeing this play. You will not be … Continued

i & me & you : The Real Star

i & me & you A blog about a play 8. The Real Star We’re almost there. And by there, I mean There. We’ve done all we can. I wrote a thing. It took as long as it took and some days it was difficult and some days it was less difficult, but I finished … Continued

i & me & you : The Secret Sauce & The Chef

i & me & you A blog about a play 7. The Secret Sauce & The Chef Since we’re rushing towards opening night, it seems like a good time to say something important. It’s something that every writer knows to be a we-need-oxygen-to-breathe level fact. It’s true one thousand percent of the time. It’s bedrock. … Continued

i & me & you : The Cookie

i & me & you A blog about a play 6. The Cookie Writing is, by pure definition, all about solitude. You spend your days largely isolated from the world at large, which is hilariously ironic because for most writers the only reason to shut yourself off from everybody else is to get some words … Continued

Director’s Brief: Musings on Classics

by Karen Azenberg We’re now five months into the Karen’s blog experiment. I say “experiment,” because I have yet to be convinced that all the random stuff going on here from week to week is actually interesting to someone other than me. Sure, I think we’re fascinating here at PTC! (I better; it’s my job—and … Continued

i & me & you : The Road & The Puzzle

i & me & you A blog about a play 5. The Road & The Puzzle So, now there’s a first draft of a play and it got taken on a tiny test drive, the wheels got kicked, and it seems like it might be a vehicle. Time to get it out on the road, … Continued

i & me & you : Detour (Love Stories)

i & me & you A blog about a play 4. Detour (Love Stories) Before we move from the now-there’s-a-draft thing to the what-happens-next thing, let’s talk a little bit about love stories. Because this play is a love story. It’s what I sat down to write, and it’s what I reminded myself I was … Continued

i & me & you : Smart Friends

i & me & you A blog about a play 3. Smart Friends A first draft of a play can send a tricky message to the guy at the keyboard; it took time — weeks, months, or even (eleven! [yes that’s a true story for another day]) years — and now you’re done. Yippee. It’s … Continued

Director’s Brief: Not one, but two plays…

by Karen Azenberg Happy Friday! Another busy week…. Playwright Alex Lewin, Director Matt August and the cast of The Envelope have been hard at work in one rehearsal room preparing for tonight’s reading as part of our Play-by-Play series. Right next door, Jeff Talbott and I, along with the cast of i, are deep into … Continued

i & me & you : Finding the Bathroom

i & me & you A blog about a play 2. Finding the Bathroom Now I’ve got scene 1, so I guess I’m writing a play. I know it’s a love story. I know it’s got a sci-fi bent. All that’s left is getting the rest of it on the page. Easy, right? Oh, yeah. … Continued