Director’s Brief: The show must go on…

Director’s Brief: The show must go on…

by Karen Azenberg In the category of “The show must go on”… During the first act of Mamma Mia! on Monday night, Coleen Sexton—who plays Donna—jumped a mere 18 inches off a piece of scenery and broke her foot. It’s a scenario that theatre folk will remember and talk about for months, if not years, … Continued

Director’s Brief: We made it!

by Karen Azenberg We made it! Mamma Mia! opens tonight. Our disco adventure on a Greek island is on! The last show of the season—particularly a big musical like this one—challenges the talented (and, at this point, exhausted) PTC production staff. As I sit writing this, the last painting is being put on the set. … Continued

Director’s Brief: The U may be quiet, but PTC is humming

by Karen Azenberg It is graduation today here at the U, but not quite the end of the season for PTC. We start tech today for Mamma Mia! – orchestra rehearsal was last night, as well as our first spacing rehearsals on stage. However, since I am not directing I can focus on next season. … Continued

Director’s Brief: Spring Power Trips

by Karen Azenberg A few, quick thoughts for this week… As this posts, I’ll be getting off the plane in New York. The red eye. My least favorite travel option. But our big Hamilton fundraising event was Thursday night in Salt Lake City, so if I wanted to be in New York City on Friday, … Continued

Director’s Brief: What a little art can do

by Karen Azenberg If you’ve been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, I can tell you that my desk is not any cleaner. My To-Do list is not any shorter. However. . .I just spent a terrific week working with Ellen Simon on her play, ASS. Yes, that is the title. The … Continued

Director’s Brief: The Intersection of Seasons

by Karen Azenberg This is my desk… (How many yellow legal pads are too many?) The intersection of the 2017–2018 season, and the 2018–2019 season, is now. Calendars and schedules for the incoming cast of Mamma Mia!—and the final Play-By-Play of this season (more on that in a moment)—are piled on top of casting breakdowns … Continued

Director’s Brief: A Busy Week

by Karen Azenberg Hi, everyone! So sorry I missed last week. You’d think that since my mainstage directing duties are done for the season, I’d have time to remember things like my blog—but, alas, no. Last week was tech, and opening night, for Twelfth Night. On top of that, we had a flurry of last-minute … Continued

Director’s Brief: Concerts—The Biggest Adrenaline Rush

by Karen Azenberg It is, possibly, an act of madness to direct one of our concerts. No, really. I’m trying to accomplish in 12 days what we usually do in 27. So, less than half the time but still the same amount of show. True, the actors don’t have to memorize their lines—but they still … Continued

Director’s Brief: Lin, the Bard, and Next Season…

by Karen Azenberg This week, you get random observations from the desk of the Artistic Director… Just in case you were worried, despite the weather on the East Coast, everyone made it to PTC for the first day of rehearsal for In the Heights and Twelfth Night. I find it striking that in one rehearsal … Continued