Director’s Brief: “Newsies” Opening Night!

Director’s Brief: “Newsies” Opening Night!

by Karen Azenberg It’s Opening Night! I’ll keep it short this week… I tried to calculate the man-hours (can I say woman-hours?) that the cast and crew put in this week and it exploded my calculator. Leave it at: there were late nights, and early mornings, across the board. The show looks amazing and everyone’s … Continued

Director’s Brief: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Black Friday at PTC begins at noon with the first technical rehearsal for Newsies– with just eight days until opening we have a lot to do. Today is certain to be a long day: We will work from noon to midnight, with a dinner break in the middle, and we need to … Continued

Director’s Brief: Santa and His Elves Working Overtime

So sorry I didn’t report in last week—it’s been all Newsies all the time! I think Santa and his elves have nothing on PTC and our production of Newsies. Every corner of the building is humming. It’s so exciting. Rehearsals are flying by. We’ve finished act one, including “Seize the Day,” that gigantic show-stopping dance … Continued

Director’s Brief: Auditions and Light Bulbs

by Karen Azenberg Just got back from New York at midnight! It was an astonishing few days of auditions. We saw some really extraordinary actresses for “i.” Besides getting to know more of the incredible talent that’s out there for this play (and others in the future), auditions help me learn about the play. There … Continued

“Dying is easy, comedy is hard.”

by Karen Azenberg Opening night! It’s been a fun week watching this crazy play come together. I owe kudos to Wes Grantom, director of A Comedy of Tenors. As they say, “dying is easy, comedy is hard”—and it is true! Directing a comedy is meticulous, painstaking work and Wes has done a beautiful job of … Continued

Director’s Brief

by Karen Azenberg, artistic director Tonight begins the first of our new-play readings for this season with Perpetual Girl—a modern fairy tale about the most taboo thing a woman can do in Hollywood: age This is our fifth season of Play-By-Play—hard to believe that! I’m so proud of the success and the growth of this … Continued

Director’s Brief

Karen Azenberg Well, opening night of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is here! It’s exciting to start the season with such an amazing piece of theatre. The cast and designers, the stage managers and crew, have been working into the wee hours this week to get all the very complicated aspects of … Continued

From Karen…

The world of “Curious Incident” is coming to life. We’ve almost finished the blocking and have been joined in rehearsal by Roscuro and Dot — the rats who will play Christopher’s pet rat, Toby. New sound cues are arriving daily, which is exciting even though it reminds me how complex this show is. Not just … Continued