Loge Gallery

Fine Arts for a Fine Audience

Each show at Pioneer Theatre Company brings new artists to Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre’s Loge Gallery, located on the Loge level of the theatre. Our gallery features local painters, sculptors and photographers chosen by George Maxwell, PTC’s Resident Scenic Designer and Loge Gallery curator, to complement the show taking place onstage. Sometimes a pair of artists –  even a seemingly odd group of artists – are brought together in a way that entertains our audiences.
Often the work shown in the Loge Gallery is available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the theatre. Visit the Loge Gallery during business hours, or before the show or at intermission, and experience some of Utah’s best fine artists.

“Artful Miscellany”

Featuring the art from Irene Rampton and Catherine Darling Hostetter. Visit before, during intermission or after The Count of Monte Cristo.

Irene Rampton

Raised and educated in Salt Lake City, Utah, Irene Rampton is a graduate of Illustration and Design from Utah Technical College.  Later studies include figure painting, conception, and portrait work.  She has over 20 years experience as a freelance artist and illustrator.  Irene has also studied under highly respected instructors in workshop environments around the country.

Using watercolor and acrylic, her paintings vary from mildly representational to gently elusive abstractions.  She strives to employ a non-objective feel which combines solid composition with loose application.  Her expressive style compliments whatever subject she chooses to explore with her juicy brush strokes.

Irene’s work has been juried into many prestigious exhibitions where she has received notable awards, including Best of Show, three times.  She is a signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.

Catherine Darling Hostetter

“About me…I am a full time artist living in Salt Lake City. I began my art journey at the age of two, in my crib where I studied the pictures that hung above it and the floral wall paper on the wall. I must have been there a lot, because I remember it vividly! In first grade I was reprimanded by my teacher for doing my math homework in color. Apparently I didn’t listen because my teacher begged my mom at parent teacher conference to make me stop! It was also during that time, that I put aside my normally honest conscience and stole clay from the classroom so I could play with it at home.

“I attended Jordan High school and as a sophomore was told by my art teacher Donald Olsen that I was going to be the Sterling Scholar in Art for Jordan High when I became a senior. Through the next three years he had me do a number of things to get ready. He said his Sterling Scholars always made it to the top 10 in the state. Oh brother, I hate pressure! I did make it to the top ten, though.

“I attended the University of Utah until I went off and got married. My art was put on hold with the creation of 5 kids. In 2001 I decide I would start marketing my art. I started with local art festivals and selling online. In an effort to network and learn more about art, I joined the Utah Watercolor Society (great organization!) In 2006 I joined Local Colors where I now currently serve as president of the cooperative. 2008-2009 I served as president of the Utah Watercolor Society. My work has been published in local publications and also in Smart Money – the Wall Street Journal magazine. I have won numerous awards in Utah Watercolor Society shows and Intermountain Society of Artists shows.”

This collection will be on display during PTC’s production of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” May 6 through May 21, 2016. 

Media: Please call 801-581-7222 for high resolution copies of the photos below.