Loge Gallery

Fine Arts for a Fine Audience

Each show at Pioneer Theatre Company brings new artists to Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre’s Loge Gallery, located on the Loge level of the theatre. Our gallery features local painters, sculptors and photographers chosen by George Maxwell, PTC’s Resident Scenic Designer and Loge Gallery curator, to complement the show taking place onstage. Sometimes a pair of artists –  even a seemingly odd group of artists – are brought together in a way that entertains our audiences.
Often the work shown in the Loge Gallery is available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the theatre. Visit the Loge Gallery during business hours, or before the show or at intermission, and experience some of Utah’s best fine artists.

“Of Man and Mountain”

A Collection of Fine Prints in the Vintage Style by Robert Hall

Robert Hall

I believe that we all sense beauty in a very personal way; our reactions to the outside world are governed by our internal sense of self. Therefore, it is the duty of an artist to create a sense of beauty that moves us out of our internal realm to appreciate what we might not have seen before.

Art helps us see with new eyes what we knew was there but never really recognized. I photograph not to record or document but rather, to capture and hold, just for a moment, the essence of something greater that exists within a scene. As did the well-known photographers Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, I use large format cameras and contact print the negatives.

Each of these images was created with a view camera, producing an 8×10 or 12×20 negative. These negatives are exceptionally sharp and contain detail greater than the unaided eye can perceive.

I print my images by hand with platinum, palladium, silver, and gold, using archival procedures that may outlast even the landscapes they honor.


This collection will be on display during PTC’s production of “The Last Ship,” September 16 through October 1, 2016. 

Media: Please call 801-581-7222 for high resolution copies of the photos below.