Fine Arts for a Fine Audience

Each show at Pioneer Theatre Company brings new artists to Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre's Loge Gallery, located on the Loge level of the theatre. Our gallery features local painters, sculptors and photographers chosen by George Maxwell, PTC's Resident Scenic Designer and Loge Gallery curator, to complement the show taking place onstage. Sometimes a pair of artists -  even a seemingly odd couple - are brought together in a way that entertains our audiences.

Often the work shown in the Loge Gallery is available for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefit the theatre. Visit the Loge Gallery during business hours, or before the show or at intermission, and experience some of Utah's best fine artists.

Loge Gallery Presents Jeff Mauger


Artist Statement:

Like many, I began drawing at a young age and have never stopped. My love and ability for drawing influenced many of my decisions, including the one to study at West Virginia University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.  While there, I developed my drawing ability and in addition, found a love for design, accuracy, drafting and line quality.  I eventually continued my studies at the University of Utah where I received BFA and MFA with a strong, classically oriented approach in painting and drawing.  While there, I began to loosen up from a tight, architectural approach and embrace a more painterly attitude of tight mind, loose hand.  I developed a process which appealed to  my desire for balance between tight vs. loose, abstract vs. real, destruction vs. construction, simple vs. complex, and the comparisons go on and on.

This combination of classical drawing, balanced with a much more painterly finish can be seen in my paintings which represent the evolution of my process.  Starting from simple design and abstract shapes, these paintings grow in complexity, and through my process become a whimsical, textural reality.  Regardless of subject matter, I feel my paintings embody this constant process to find balance between moments of reality and abstraction.  These ‘found’ moments of reality to give the abstraction a context, making something out of nothing.  Ultimately, my goal is to create a richly layered, painterly image that can be viewed and enjoyed by all.

His collection will be on display during PTC's production of "I Hate Hamlet," March 20 through April 4, 2015.
The exhibit can be experienced on the mezzanine level of the Roy W. and Elizabeth E. Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre. The gallery is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for the general public and before and after performances for ticket holders.

Media: Please call 801-581-6270 for high resolution copies of the photos below.







"You need three things in the theater - the play, the actors, and the audience, - and each must give something."
Kenneth Haigh